Privacy Policy

You personal information must be safe all the time, here in OGB Reviews we know the importance of your privacy and we will explain how OGB Reviews blog collects you information and how we deal with it.

1. Logging Files
These files can send some information like your IP address, your Internet Service Provider and some other general information like the type of browser you use when you visit our website.

2. Cookies
Very important for you, we will collect some data from your last visit to make you next visits easier. Something like your las searches through our blog, your name and Email for commenting will be recorded and will be inserted automatically for the nest activities.

To monetize my blog and promote it, we are using a 3rd party advertising program, it is "Google Adsense Program" powered by Google. This 3rd party program will collect some personal information like IP address, ISP " internet service provider" from the cookies and Beacons. They collect these informations for ad targeting purposes.

3. Disabling
You can always disable the cookies, you can do it from your browser settings. I provide you with the information you need about our blog and its way of collection the personal information.

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