Cheap LG Chocolate

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Cheap LG ChocolateLG Chocolate Features:

1. 1.3 mega pixel VGA color camera for video and image capturing.
2. Built-in Bluetooth headset for wireless communications.
3. Full function touch keyboard.
4. Mp3 player for mp3, WMA music.
5. Polyphonic ringtones, speakerphone.
6. Internet accessing including E-mails, Messages, Chatting.
7. Alarm Clock, Digital Calendar, Calculator, Digital Stopwatch, Notepad, and much more.
8. It is an unlocked cell phone that will work in any place in the world.

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I like this cell phone because it gives all the coolest technology that will make you don't have to hold any other gadgets. LG chocolate cell phone features all music functions and mp3 player to enjoy your favorite music whatever you go.

It also features the Bluetooth technology to send and receive any types of the digital files wirelessly. you can send and receive files to and from any bluetooth-enabled devices as laptops, mackintosh, sunglasses, PCs and any other bluetooth-enabled cell phones.

LG chocolate can also feature all internet access functions, you can access your Email address, you can browse the internet, you can send messages instantly and you can chat using your favorite chatting software.

It have some standard features like a calculator, a digital calendar, a digital notepad, an alarm clock and a built-in stopwatch. It has a very stylish shape with a compact design.