Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of most effective strategies to market your business and to get high targeted traffic to your website. The idea is to write an informative article describing some issues related to your promoted product or service then you can publish it for distributing by other webmasters and Ezine publishers.

How can I write a good article?

The first thing you should do to create a good article is to plan your business by focusing on 4 or 5 main points and describe them through the article in 4 or 5 paragraphs. Make it simple, easy to read and focused on the main topic. avoid the wrong grammar and spelling.

Where can I submit my articles?

You can find hundreds of article directories by making a search for "article directory" on Google search engine to unearth hundreds of them instantly.

How can I benefit from the article marketing?

You can benefit from two things, the first thing is when the reader find your informative article, he will be willing to visit your website from the link located in your signature. The second thing is when the other webmasters publish your article, you will get a good amount of back links to your website and that would help your website with search engines.

Should I submit unique article to every article directory?

Yes, you will get more benefits when you do that. That is because the search engines give more value to the back links coming from the unique content.