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The Adsense business is one of the most used online businesses by webmasters; almost all webmasters make a try with this business. It is easy and very effective way to make money online. In this Lesson, I will teach you step by step how to build a successful Adsense business in just one week.

Adsense Definition: First, I have to define the Google Adsense program. Google operates a high quality advertising program called "Google Adwords", when a someone search for a certain word on Google search engine, Google Adwords program generates ads related to that word automatically. So, the internet user may click on the ads instead of the natural results from the search engine. Google gives the ability for the webmasters to show the same Adwords ads in their websites by joining the Google Adsense program.

Google Adsense program characterized by a very high relevancy to the content of the web page, this makes the chance of clicking on the ads by the visitor so high, and this what makes the Google Adwords program is the most effective pay per click advertising program in the world.
How to Build a successful Adsense Business;

1- Determine your niche. The 1st step is to determine your favorite niche, you may choose a niche that you have some knowledge about it, or you can choose a niche which you are interested with. However, you should choose a niche that many people are interested on it and they really want to read more information about it. So you can expect that your new website will be attractive for many internet users. You should know that traffic = money.

When you choose a niche, avoid the online business niches, because almost visitors of those niches know the Adsense ads forms and they will not click on them. Focus on health, sport, finance niches.

2. Choose a good keyword. Say that you're chosen "Skiing" niche; you have to choose your domain name that related to that word. The domain name "in my opinion" is the most important thing for the Adsense business. Because when you choose a domain name of a high search term, you will see that domain will be on the first results of search engines doing some SEO. SEO = Search Engines Optimization "I will talk about it in the population step"

To choose a good domain name just go to Google keyword suggestion tool then write the word "Skiing" in the plank field, then click search.

Now, there are many suggestion was generated by Google keyword suggestion tool, you can choose the highest search ones and then make some tests to pick the best one. To make a test for a certain keyword, search for it on Google search engine. Now what?

Say that you want to make a test for the keyword "Skiing Magazine", search for that keyword on Google search engine and observe the first result. Now open the first result, you will discover that the page has a page rank 6, it is not good for this keyword.

Note: Page rank refers to the importance of a certain page, Google search engine ranks the pages according to their page ranks, you can improve your page rank by getting back links to your website and/or web pages.

Now, make a test for keyword "Skiing Lessons", you will discover that this keyword is not included in the URL of the first result "Good Point here". Now open the first result, the first result website has a page rank 2 "Another God Point". This is my chosen one!
3. Choose a good domain name. Now search for a domain name that includes the keyword "Skiing Lessons", you can go to HostGate.org to purchase an affordable web hosting plan with a free domain name forever. I strongly recommend these guys to be your web hosting providers for your incoming online business ideas as they provide you with unlimited domains hosted.
Click on "Sign up Now", and write the keyword "SkiingLessons.com" as your domain name, you will find that the domain name "SkiingLessons.com" is registered. Search for "Skiing-Lessons.com". CONGRATULATION, Skiing-Lessons.com is available and this is the best domain name you can register.
I suggest you to register only one of the following domain names, Key-Phrase.com or KeyPhrase.com. Don't use any other extensions.

4. Add content to your website: You have to write 20 informative articles on Skiing, make every article targets a specific key phrase, and choose the least competitive key phrase as I teach you in the step 2.
The best way is to write a unique content. You can do it by making search on Google or any other search engines like MSN and Yahoo. Make a search for the search term "Skiing Lesson" then collect some information and rewrite them in your words. Every article will take about half hour, so you can finish the all 20 articles in 10 hours; say that you can finish them in a week.
You can hire a writer to write all the 20 articles for you from www.getafreelancer.com

5. Sign up with Google Adsnese. Now you can send your application to Google Adsnese team, just go to Google Adsense official site, fill in the application with your exact personal and website information. You have to wait from 2 to 7 days before your application be accepted by Google Adsense team.
6. Add you Adsense codes. After your site has been accepted by Adsense, you can add your code within your web pages; you can add up to 3 units of "Adsense for Content". The best ad format is the Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) and the best position is to add it at the left of the article body. You can also add a Banner (468 x 60) at the bottom of the article body.
7. Populate your new website. This is the most important thing if you want some money from Adsense, because the population means traffic and traffic means money. There are many ways to populate your website; I will discuss some of them.

- Article submission. Write articles that include a link to your website and submit them to article directories.

- Create blogs. Create some blogs related to your niche and add your links in the blogroll section. You can also submit those blogs to blog directories.

- Forum signature. Register with some forums that related to your niche and add a link to your website in your signature section then post informative threads and comments.

- Blog comments. Search for related blogs and add your comments with a link to your website, make your comment informative to avoid spamming. You may need to add your link in the HTML form to be activated.

- Press release. Submit some informative news about your service including your back link.

- Pay per click. You can also get some targeted traffic to your website using pay per click providers like Adwords and Overture.

Now I think you can start building your Adsense business today, this strategy will take a week; you will feel good about your business after one month. You can repeat this strategy many times with many niches.

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