Top Paying Adsense Keywords

This list of top paying keywords will maximize your Adsense revenue, when you optimize your web page for one of these keywords, you will discover the difference.

To optimize your website for one of these high paying keywords, you should make the following:

Let us take "Arizona Dui Lawyer" as an example:

1. Title: must be "Arizona Dui Lawyer" and no any more words.
2. Description: You should repeat the keyword "Arizona Dui Lawyer" at least two times.
3. Distribute the keyword "Arizona Dui Lawyer" throughout the article.
4. Bold the keyword "Arizona Dui Lawyer" for at least two times.
5. The anchor text of the links back should be "Arizona Dui Lawyer", "Arizona Dui Lawyer web", "Arizona Dui Lawyer site" to avoid spamming.

The list of the top paying Adsense keywords
1. personal injury lawyer michigan
2. michigan personal injury attorney
3. student loans consolidation
4. car accident attorney los angeles
5. online car insurance quotes
6. arizona dui lawyer
7. michigan car accident attorney
8. free auto insurance quote
9. personal injury lawyers los angeles
10. free online auto insurance quote
11. free online car insurance quote
12. free car insurance quotes
13. austin dwi
14. accident attorney michigan
15. michigan auto accident attorney
16. los angeles personal injury attorney
17. accident helpline
18. automobile accident lawyers
19. dui defense attorneys
20. las vegas car accident attorney
21. pennsylvania personal injury lawyers
22. arizona dui
23. arizona dui
24. business liability insurance quote
25. insurance quotes com
26. accident attorney los angeles
27. personal injury lawyers nyc
28. truck accident lawyers
29. online auto insurance quotes
30. loan consilidation
31. select quote insurance
32. personal injury attorney portland
33. accident attorney san diego
34. quotes on car insurance
35. auto accident attorney ohio
36. free auto insurance quotes
37. insurance comparison quotes
38. student loan consolidation
39. accident attorney chicago
40. accident compensation claim
41. car insurance rate quotes
42. california personal injury attorney
43. accident injury lawyers
44. oregon personal injury attorney
45. accident at work
46. sacramento personal injury attorney
47. atlanta auto accident attorney
48. car insurance quotes
49. car insurance quotes
50. car insurance quotes
51. baltimore car accident attorney
52. seattle personal injury attorney
53. instant car insurance quote
54. auto insurance quotes fast
55. san diego auto accident attorney
56. dui defense lawyers
57. san diego dui
58. dwi attorney
59. dwi attorney
60. quote for car insurance
61. motorcycle accident lawyers
62. home equity line of credit
63. home equity line of credit
64. insurance price quotes
65. life insurance quotes
66. life insurance quotes
67. life insurance quotes
68. criminal lawyers new york
69. accident lawyers los angeles
70. atlanta car accident attorney
71. personal injury claims
72. accident attorney atlanta
73. loan federal consolidation
74. life insurance quotes online
75. refinancing
76. dui attorneys
77. dui attorneys
78. minnesota personal injury attorney
79. century insurance
80. injury claims
81. equity line of credit
82. equity line of credit
83. on line car insurance quote
84. select quote life insurance
85. auto insurance quote
86. auto insurance quote
87. auto insurance quote
88. instant auto insurance quote
89. chicago personal injury attorney
90. lasik eye surgery new york city
91. personal injury los angeles
92. virginia personal injury lawyers
93. chicago personal injury lawyers
94. las vegas auto accident attorney
95. auto insurance quotes
96. auto insurance quotes
97. auto insurance quotes
98. maryland personal injury lawyer
99. free online insurance quotes
100. personal injury lawyer colorado

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