Top 10 SEO Tips You Should Do

Search Engine Optimization/SEO world is crowded by information and tips, in this post I try to tell you what is the most important SEO actions you should do.

Top 10 SEO tips

1. Optimize your web page for only one key phrase: Yes, don't crowd your title with keywords, if you want to optimize a page for 3, 4, 5 key phrases you will discover that is very hard to get your page in the first results for all of these key phrases. So, you should focus on one key word/phrase and you will discover how it very easy to get your page in the first result especially with the less competitive keywords.

2. Choose the right domain name: Choosing the right domain will be very helpful to get your web site in the first results of search engines, if you optimize your website for the keyword "Online Business Tricks", you should includes this keyword in the domain name. For example, you can use "if available"
OnlineBusinessTricks.com "The Best One"

3. Optimize the URL of the web pages: You should add the main keyword within the URL of the inner web pages of your website, this strategy will raise the rank of that page for the optimized keyword.

4. Optimize your title tag: The most important SEO action is to add your main keyword in the title tag. As mentioned above, you should focus on optimizing only one key word/phrase. If you write an article about "Online Business Tricks", you must title the page exactly "Online Business Tricks" and without any extra words.

5. Optimize your description tag: Description tag is very important for search engine optimization, this description tag is a very short summary about the content of the page, and it appears below the title tag in the search engine results. You should mention your main key word/phrase in the description tag at least two times.

6. On-page optimization: You should distribute the main keyword throughout the content of your page for at least 8 times. You should also add the main keyword in the heading form. You may also mention the main keyword at the bottom of the page. You can alt an image with the main keyword for a perfect on-page optimization.

7. Anchor text: The anchor text is the text of the link, for example, "Online Business Trick" this link will send you to my blog homepage "onlinegamesbusiness.blogspot.com", the anchor text here "Online Business Trick". Anchor text is the most important SEO strategy, when you link to your site with the text of your main keyword, this will get search engines to understand that your website is related to that keyword which will raise your website ranking for that keyword. Try to make every link to every web page with the anchor text of the optimizing keyword, try also to not stick with only one anchor text for the link, to avoid spamming.

8. Submit articles with a link back to your site: This is one of the best link building strategies, by submit an article at Article Directories, you have an one way link to your website from the article directory itself, you will get another one way link to your website every time a publisher use your article in his/her website. Imagine what a good article can make for you, it may give you hundreds of one way links back without any hard work. 100% free and effective.

9. Add comments in blog posts: This is another way for one way link back, search at blogsearch.google.com for your topic, start to comment on blogs that related to your topic and don't forget to add your link back in the comment.

10. Content is the king: Yes, good content will attract more visitors. Search engines also like fresh content, you should update your website/blog continuously to insure that your website ranks well in the major search engines like www.google.com, www.yahoo.com and www.msn.com

Be patient: All search engines optimization strategies may take very long time to get your website in the first results of search engines, it takes about 3 months to see the final results, so the final SEO tip that you should stick with it, BE PATIENT.