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There are many ways to earn money without the need of a website or a blog, I will tell you one of those ways to start making money now and you don't need any website at all.

By submitting articles to www.howtodothings.com website, this website is a great article directory that gives you the chance to share their profits from Google Adsense. You must have a Google Adsense account to submit your Adsense ID in your www.howtodothings.com account. If you haven't Google Adsense Account, you can build a blog at www.blogger.com and post some articles, then request a Google Adsense account from your Blogger control panel.

You should register an account with www.howtodothings.com, and start submitting your well written articles, this article directory will create a new page for your article and will add Adsense ads within the page, every click on these ads you shall receive 50% of the profit which directly added to your Adsense account. That's great.

www.howtodothings.com asks you to format your article in the "How to do" model, the title must begin with "How to Do". Then you should write an introduction for your "How to do" article. The body of the article must includes "1, 2, 3 ,4 ... steps to do that Thing".

Example: You want to write an article about creating a blog.

1. The title should be: "How To Build A Free Blogger Blog".

2. You should write an introduction for that article, it may be something like this:

"You want to be a webmaster, you don't know anything about website designing, you still can have a website by building a blog at www.Blogger.com".

3. The body of the article should be in the "step by step" model, it should be something like this:

-------1. Got to Blogger.com and register a new account.....
-------2. Choose the name of the new blog......
-------3. Start posting...... etc....

You should submit at least 100 articles to earn a good monthly income.

Submit Articles and Earn Money Today

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